Part Time On-Air Personality

Connoisseur Media’s WALK 97.5 is looking for compelling air talent. If you have an engaging, natural and real presentation style and excel at making personal connections with listeners on-air, and on social media, then we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for someone who:

  1. Sounds like they are talking to one person – a close friend – on the air and on social media
  2. Has a bright, clean, polished vocal delivery
  3. Can create content that gets people talking and engaged
  4. Knows how to assemble show prep and prepare talk breaks/teases in advance
  5. Is tuned in to current pop music and adult hits from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.
  6. Is passionate about the community
  7. Can perform on-site as well as on-air and is eager to extend the brand into public view
  8. Is consistently available on weekends during the hours of 9a – 7p.

We need team members who LOVE radio and being part of a team, not solo acts. Expect to be part of a family and brain-trust. If your brand is more important than the station’s this is not the role for you. WALK is a team with a common goal and all employees must embrace this thought process.

In addition to a resume please submit an audio demo. It would be in your best interest to include:

  • Two weather forecast talk breaks
  • Two short entertainment segments
  • Several contest tease talk breaks with content found at
  • Snippets of any phoners / artist interviews you may have
  • Several examples of front-selling

Screenshots/other examples of your social media work are welcome as well.
Please send all materials to: