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"Big Voice Guy" Jim O'Brien

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Jim took over (hijacked) B103's mid-day show in February of 2007 and continues to entertain gazillions of Long Islanders (Several even know his name) with the greatest hits of the 60's and 70's during the workday. Jim came to Long Island from the smallest state in the Union - Rhode Island - in 2004. He has a thing about living on islands because of his admiration of Bob Denver and coconuts.

After 17 years of on air radio work in Providence and Boston, Jim left "live" radio to start his own voice-over business in 1992. You've probably heard his voice on NEWS 12 or, if you travel or surf the web, on one of the many radio and television stations across the country that use B103's "big voice guy" as their "Image Voice."

Jim is insanely happily married to his wife Charlene - his high school sweetheart from the class of 1972 - and they live in a gingerbread house just outside of Queens with their Yorkie "Molly," and we are fortunate to have three wonderful children who are making us proud.

Birthday: April 15, 1954. Providence RI

Favorite TV shows. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "DAVID LETTERMAN" (My idol)

Favorite movie: ANYTHING by Mel Brooks.

Favorite book: Actually, I am in the process of writing it now - it's called "The Big Fat Book of Things I Don't Know"

Favorite restaurants: Rachel's Waterside Grill in Freeport and a little place in Garden City called "Three Bambino's"

Best Thing About Long Island: Everything BUT the Southern State "Expressway/Crawlway". Who's idea was that anyway?

If I didn't work in radio, I'd be: selling knock off Rolex watches on Canal Street!

Hobbies; Golf, Billiards, Collecting Single Malt Scotch, and losing my car keys.

The team I root for the most: Red Sox! Hey - c'mon! 2 World Series after 86 years of "no cigar"? Besides, if you want attention on Long Island...

Secret talent: Superhero!!! You gotta see me in tights and a cape!!! Actually, I can play the guitar.... with my toes! (Although sometimes I play my toes separately)

A talent I would most like to have: A really great singing voice and the ability to NOT lose my stupid car keys!