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Keith Allen

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Keith is the veteran at B103, having started doing weekends in 1994. He headed to nights in 1995, where he did the all-request oldies show. Keith moved to mid-days in 1998 and his current spot of afternoons in 2001. Besides being on the air, Keith is the Music Director and creates those cool "B103" ID's and promo's you hear between the music! When Keith is off the air, he spends time watching sports (Let's Go Mets!), watching the weather (there isn't a big storm he doesn't like), & working out at the gym.

Birthday: 10-19-58

Favorite Artist: Beatles (I bought their first album when I was 5!)

Favorite TV Show: Anything on TV Land and American Idol (Did they kick off that John Steven's kid yet?)

Favorite Movie: The Godfather I and II

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Book(s): 1969 Mets Yearbook (See Mets fans, there is still hope!)

Favorite Long Island Restaurant: Chefs 2 in Huntington

Best Thing About Long Island: Jones Beach, the Hamptons and Eisenhower Park

If I didn't live on Long Island, I'd live: in Vermont. Nothing like mountains, fresh air, and lots of snow.

If I didn't work in radio, I'd be: a TV weatherman or Scotty Hart's therapist.

Hobbies: Sports, Weather, News and Current Events, Music, and Surfing the Web.

The team I root for the most: The Mets. (I guess I like torture and abuse!)

Secret talent: Quickest dresser. I learned from Michael J. Fox in The Secret of My Success.

A talent I would most like to have: A drummer. I can keep a good beat on my steering wheel in a traffic jam.

Famous Quote: "It's not what you say, it's how you say it."