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Heart's Wilson Sisters Wonder if Katy Perry Can "Still Be a Candy Cane" in 15 Years


Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart are role models for any female artist in music today, because they were trailblazers when it came to having women be accepted as actual musicians, and not just decoration.  But the sisters are still concerned about "hypersexualization" of female artists today, and they worry about how it might affect their future careers.

Speaking to Yahoo! Music, Nancy Wilson says she's a big fan and admirer of Katy Perry, and enjoyed all the candy-themed costumes on Katy's California Dreams tour.  "I took my kids to go see her and it was a great show, and she really can sing and she really can play.  And the hypersexual aspect with her, at least it's confectionary; it's very cartoonish," she says.

Noting that Katy's sexuality comes off as more "innocent" than anything, she adds, "To me, that's a bit refreshing. But in 15 years...is she still going to be a candy cane?"

Heart's new album Fanatic is in stores now.

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