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Pete Townshend Visits The View, Talks Attraction to Jagger and Child Pornography Allegations


Pete Townshend's long-awaited autobiography, Who I Am, hits stores on Tuesday, and The Who guitarist/songwriter visited ABC's The View on Monday morning to chat about some of the candid confessions he includes in the memoir.  Among the revelations from the book Townshend discussed was his admission that Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger was the only man with whom he ever seriously wanted to have sex.
When View co-host Elizabeth Hasselback asked the rock legend if he'd talked to Jagger since his comments came to light, Pete quipped, "We've slept together a couple of times since."
Townshend then explained to the ladies of The View, "I was sexually attracted to the shaman…Quite a few men of my generation talk about the fact that Elvis [Presley] was sexy, and what they mean is that he was androgynous…there was something very, very cross-gender about him…Mick was one of those guys."
He added, "When I first saw Mick on the stage, I thought he was a beautiful man."
Townshend also talked a bit about the child abuse he suffered while he was living with his maternal grandmother.  While admitting that he doesn't remember much of that episode in his life, he believes that his grandmother allowed some of her male friends to abuse him.
The View co-host Barbara Walters, meanwhile, brought up the allegations leveled against Townshend in 2003 after U.K. authorities revealed that the Who star had registered his credit card at a website featuring child pornography.
He recounted the reasons why he'd accessed the site, noting, "I had a campaign and a support line, which is still going…a telephone line that people can call if they've been abused in their childhood.  One of the things that we were doing…was we were trying to prove that credit-card companies were taking money for what was ostensibly child pornography."
Pete added, "I was being accused of something that I was, in a sense, campaigning against."
Townshend's said he detailed his ordeal in Who I Am.  "What I describe in the book is exactly how it happened but, most of all, 'bout how it made me feel," he said.  "And it was tough stuff to go through."
On a lighter note, Townshend treated Hasselback to a tutorial on how to perform his famous windmill guitar strum.
Townshend will be promoting the memoir at a number of signing events this week in the northeastern U.S.  Visit HarperCollins.com to see his complete schedule.

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