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Beware The Super Bowl Party Guests From Hell


Yeah, baby, Super Bowl 47, woo-hoo and…who invited you?

With the big game Sunday, millions of Americans are preparing for the thousands upon thousands of Super Bowl parties throughout the land. Of course, there are those people who come to the shindigs who can ruin the festivities through lots of fault of their own.

CouponCabin.com, in a survey of 2,100 adults conducted by Harris Interactive, got a inkling of which guests are real Super Bowl party downers.

Topping the list are guests described as “know-it-alls” about everything associated with the game, including the commercials and half-time show. Fifty-two percent of the respondents said these people are the worst.

Meanwhile, 41 percent picked the person who grabs hold of the remote control and won’t let go for all four quarters.

Third on the list of Super Bowl downers picked by 38 percent is the person who shows up and talks throughout the game without every paying attention to what’s on the screen.

Then there’s the Super Fan, who get decked out in the full regalia of their favorite team, living and dying with every call. One in five chose Super Fan as their worst guest.

Next is the dieter, picked by 18 percent, who eschews pizza, wings and chips and only chews carrot sticks and broccoli.

Finally, there’s the commercial aficionado. Thirteen percent picked this guest as their worst nightmare since their only interest is watching the TV ads.

Meanwhile, thirty percent of respondents admitted to betting on the Super Bowl in the past with nine in ten bettors admitting to having lost money.

In all, the CouponCabin.com survey found that 61 percent of adults say they’ll tune into the game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, a five percent increase over last year.

Meanwhile 70 percent of men said they’d watch Super Bowl 47 compared to 52 percent of women.


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