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Eagles Documentary Premieres Friday Night, Band Considering New Music


On Friday and Saturday night, Showtime will premiere History of the Eagles, the story of the legendary band told in two nights, over a total of three hours.  Don Henley and Glenn Frey recently explained to The New York Times why they wanted their whole story captured on film: the good parts and the bad parts.

"Since we survived, we decided that, after 40 years or so, it was worth keeping some kind of record," said Don.  In fact, he and Glenn encouraged the filmmakers to interview all the key players in the band's history, even former members who, Don notes, "don't necessarily have warm and fuzzy feelings toward us."

"We said, 'Talk to everybody,'" says Glenn.  "'Let's unearth as much stuff as we can and tell the story.'"

The Eagles had some major lineup changes throughout the band's history, with founding members Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner leaving in 1975 and '77, respectively.  Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit subsequently joined the lineup, and guitarist Don Felder was fired in 2001.

Don and Glenn tell the Times that the reason they believed the Eagles survived all these changes was because the band is "built around songs -- not around personalities, not around a front man, but the music."

So now, with the documentary about to get its TV debut and the Eagles preparing to mount a 40th anniversary tour later this year, could a new album also be in the group's future?  Glenn tells The Times that nothing has been decided yet on that front.

He explains, "The band's going to start thinking about coming back together, and talk about whether everybody wants to uproot themselves from their lives and try to make a record, with all that involves."

History of the Eagles: The Story of an American Band airs at 8 p.m. ET on both Friday and Saturday.  Part one is two hours long while part two runs for one hour.

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