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79-Year-Old Bob Seger Fan to See Rocker in Concert Tonight After Waking from 5-Year Coma


One lucky 79-year-old Bob Seger fan from Flint Township, Michigan, will get a very special wish fulfilled
tonight when she attends the veteran rocker's show in nearby Auburn Hills. Evie Branan suffered a
massive stroke that landed her in a vegetative state for more than five years, that is until May 2011,
when she awakened after falling out of her bed and hitting her head. And what were the first words to
cross her lips following her long slumber? "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert."

Michelle Cross, who is an administrator at the facility where Branan resides, decided to make that wish
come true, so she bought tickets to this evening's show for Evie, one of her aides and herself. She also
contacted Seger's management company, Punch Enterprises, to see if anything special could be set up
for Branan.

Ann Tenbrusch, an executive assistant for Punch, was only too happy to help.

"[Her story] was definitely nothing I had heard before," Tenbrusch explains to MLive.com. "I always
want to try to help out with stories like that because Bob loves his fans."

After conferring with Bob's manager, Punch Andrews, Ann arranged for Evie to attend an after-party
where she'll get to meet some of Seger's Silver Bullet Band members, his crew and, possibly, the Rock
and Roll Hall of Famer himself.

According to MLive.com, Branan has made great strides toward recovery since awaking from her coma.
Not only has she regained her speech, but her memory is returning and she's beginning to walk a bit
again with the aid of a walker.

Cross tells MLive.com that Branan is a "cool, hip chick" who is very inspirational to other stroke patients.

"When you meet her, you'll never forget her," says Michelle. "Every time I talk about her I light up...I
want to get out to people that there is hope [for stroke patients]. This story is truly amazing."

As for how Branan feels about getting to see Seger in concert -- her fifth time, by the way -- she
declares, "I'm so excited I can hardly breathe," she said.

So, what is she looking forward to the most? "Hugging Bob Seger and giving him a big smooch," she

Photo courtesy of mlive.com

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