Toilet seats for $30,000…and YOU’RE paying for it!

Toilet seats for $30,000…and YOU’RE paying for it!

Delish magazine claims a Twitter member, who only wants to be identified by her handle, “Mrs Sprinkled Donut,” claims she was recently taken to Costco on a first date because her dating profile said her ideal date would be dining at the discount retailer. Her date took her to Costco on the first Saturday of the month because that’s when the store has the most samples.

Here’s a “lime disease” you probably never heard of … Apparently squeezing limes into your beer in the hot summer sun can lead to an itchy, painful, blistering rash called Phytophotodermatitis – or “lime disease.” It happens when sunlight hits skin that has come into contact with lime juice. You can still enjoy your cold Corona in the hot sun – just make sure you squeeze that lime into your beer while you’re inside … and wash your hands after.

And finally,

Newser claims the Air Force recently paid $30,000 for three toilet seat covers. The government had to custom order the toilet seats because Lockheed Martin no longer makes them. The government has since purchased a 3D printer and can now create the toilet seats for $300.

(Think about that when you pay your federal taxes this year!)