What?! Beer Shortage?!!

What?! Beer Shortage?!!

According to Fortune Magazine, there’s been a serious heat wave rolling through Germany and it’s becoming clear that the Germans are trying to beat the heat by chugging beer, because some breweries are running out of bottles! One brewery even posted messages on Facebook, urging customers to return their empties to keep the beer flowing.

Fox News claims the Caseyville, Illinois police are looking for a serial Red Bull thief. The thief has been caught on video stuffing cans of Red Bull down the front of his pants before running from gas stations and convenience stores. During a recent two-day crime spree, the man stole 120 cans of Red Bull. Cops say the man drives a gold Ford Focus with only one hubcap. (He should disguise his car, with one more hub cap, that’ll throw off the cops.)

And finally,

Londoner Paul Jacobs purchased a roll of bubble wrap from Amazon.com. His roll came boxed and packaged in 100 feet of brown paper!  Paul tells the Daily Mirror; “At first I thought they’d sent me the wrong order because the box was so heavy. But when I opened it, I realized why it weighed so much – my bubble wrap, was wrapped in a giant sheet of brown paper.

(They should have wrapped the bubble wrap in more bubble wrap, would have been so much more awesome…and MUCH more stupid.)