Beer and Yoga together?

Beer and Yoga together?

Elite Daily claims the Nutella company is hiring 60 taste testers to sample products at their Italy headquarters. The job listing says ideal candidates will be eager to learn “how to taste cocoa, hazelnut powder, and other semi-finished sweet products.” The testers will work four hours per week.

The Daily Mail claims Beer Yoga has become a hot fitness trend.. Nicknamed Boga, the classes involve people performing difficult poses while holding a beer in one hand. Boga participants take a swig of beer every time they complete a stretching move. Classes typically last 60 minutes.

And finally,

NBC says someone recently broke into Mindy Marshall’s Girard, Ohio home. They stole money and a stereo system. Before leaving, the thief rearranged Mindy’s taxidermy animals. She says when she opened her front door a cold beer was sitting in her stuffed raccoon’s hands.

(Maybe the raccoon was practicing beer yoga.)