Maybe the ghosts will chip in for rent!

Maybe the ghosts will chip in for rent!

France 24 claims an Indian man on a Go Air flight from New Delhi to Patna accidentally opened a plane door during a recent flight. The man thought he was opening a door to a lavatory. Crew members stopped the passenger before he was able to get the door fully open. The man told cops that he had no idea which door was which because this was the first time he was flying in his life. (It was almost his LAST time flying.)

Want to buy a cheaper house…find one that’s haunted! Star Property claims inquiries about haunted houses increase before Halloween. The real estate company says haunted houses and apartments sometimes sell for between 10% and 40% less than market value. (If only the ghosts could kick in for the rent.)

And finally,

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team just unveiled their new team mascot — and the immediate feedback offered on the Interwebs was not kind. The mascot, named Gritty, looks like it stepped right off of the screen during a Monsters, Inc. movie. One social media commenter called it “nightmare fuel,” while another described it as a “Sesame Street character that did 12 pounds of coke and then rolled around in a pool of Cheetos dust.” Plenty of people wished publicly to never see it again, going so far as a to recommend somebody “kill it before it lays eggs.” (Fox News)