Coffee chat…with ghosts!

Coffee chat…with ghosts!

Since tomorrow is National Coffee Day…

The Daily Meal claims the Molinary Private Reserve Winery is now selling a wine-infused coffee. The coffee beans are soaked in a red wine before being blended into a bold java. A half pound bag costs $19.95. (Not sure if you have to use a cork screw to open it.)

A Durham University study reveals that people who drink large amounts of coffee are more likely to hallucinate or see ghosts than those, who don’t. Those, who drink at least seven cups a day, are most at risk. Extreme coffee drinkers also have more of a chance of hearing voices. (And that’s not even Irish coffee.)

And finally,

An Adelaide, Australia coffee shop is selling a cup of ‘super coffee’ that contains 80 times the normal amount of caffeine found in a regular cup of coffee. The ‘Ass Kicker’ comes with a health warning for people with heart problems and blood pressure issues. (And hopefully life alert pendant for when your head explodes.)