Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game!

Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game!

Hasbro has released a “Millennials” version of the Monopoly board game. Instead of collecting money, players collect “experience points” by visiting the hottest destinations, including your friend’s couch and a vegan bistro. And in this version of the game, it’s the player who collects the most experience — not the most money — who wins. (The Inquirer)

Samsung is now developing technology that will allow people to control TV with their minds. The system uses a headset, an eye-motion tracker and 64 sensors to connect the viewer to the TV set, allowing them to take full control. And if the TV changes channels as fast as people change their minds, you;ll be able to channel surf at lightning speed!

And finally,

Can’t get your guy to watch those sappy Hallmark holiday movies with you? This could change things … a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game. Brittany Graves of Fort Worth, Texas, created the game a couple years ago and posted to Facebook. There are a bunch of scenarios that require a drink, like:

If the main character has a holiday themed name like Noel or Holly

If the main character is a city person transplanted into a small town

If there is some sort of magical agreement with an angel or Santa, and

If the characters are drinking hot cocoa or egg nog!