Eww…I just swiped right…on my BROTHER!

Eww…I just swiped right…on my BROTHER!

According to a study of police statistics across the country, the top 3 cities people are most likely to get a package stolen from their porch during the holidays:

3.Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

2.Salt Lake City, Utah

1.Austin, Texas

Surprisingly, New York City is one of the least likely cities to have things taken by porch pirate. many because we have less porches.

Boxlunch.com is selling a Seinfeld Festivus pole for $19.92. The pole is currently 20% off and is adorned with Seinfeld stickers. By the way, Festivus is Sunday, December 23. Let the airing of grievences begin!

And finally,

Yahoo News claims a US teen, named Weston Koury, was recently matched with his sister on Tinder. Kalynn Koury responded to the swipe with: “What the flip are you doing on here? You aren’t 18 +”

Westin: “you swiped right on me”

Kaelyn: ”you did it first sicko”

Westin: ”this is so gross I’m calling mom”

Kaelyn: “I already called her. have fun in juvi”