Bridal Crocs?!

Bridal Crocs?!

Simplemost claims Carnival Cruise Lines is putting a full size roller coaster on their Mardi Gras cruise ship. The Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster is a single car, electric coaster that goes 40 mph and whizzes around the entire deck at 187 feet above sea level. (No, you go ahead, I’ll hold your drink.)

Sam’s Club is selling a bottle of Iceberg Water for $150. The bottle’s description reads:

Natural water

Harvested from 15,000 year old North Atlantic icebergs

Very low mineral content

Unique bottle design with frosted glass

(I’m thinking with global warming, that iceberg water will be delivered to your home for free…eventually.)

And finally,

Elite Daily claims brides are wearing Bridal Crocs instead of high heels to their wedding. People are selling the Bridal Crocs on Etsy for as much as $120. They are white with pink sequins. (If I were at a wedding where the bride was wearing crocs, I’d take a 50 out of the envelope I was going to give them.)