The tequila vacation!

The tequila vacation!

In Mexico, Jose Cuervo is operating a luxury train ride from Guadalajara [Gwad-a-la-hara] to the town of Tequila, where passengers get to learn more about harvesting agave [a-gah-vay], which is the plant used to create tequila. And along the way, the passengers will have access to unlimited tequila on the all-day tour. It’ll be the best vacation you’ll never remember. (

There’s a movie theater in Texas that lets you bring your dog with you. But it gets better Not only can you enjoy a movie with your favorite furry friend, but a movie ticket at K9 Cinemas in Plano also includes unlimited wine. A movie ticket for you and your dog is $15 – and includes a bottom-less glass of wine or four whiskeys. You can bring a second dog for another $5. Just watch where you step. (Insider)

And finally,

The Daily Mail claims a Melbourne, Australia woman recently found a wedding cake abandoned on the side of the road. The woman was walking her dog when she spotted the five-tier cake. It had white roses, vanilla frosting and dark chocolate cake. The woman has posted pictures of the wedding cake online in hopes someone will claim it. Someone will def notice when it comes time for “and the bride feeds the groom.”