Literally, blood money for shopping!

Literally, blood money for shopping!

A self-confessed shopaholic has made more than $3,000 donating her plasma to fund her retail therapy habit. Carisa Barker, 20, has spent a year visiting a clinic twice a week to donate the protein-rich liquid found in blood in exchange for cash to bankroll her shopping sprees. The student and part-time nanny makes $280 a month from her plasma and in one year she has raked in $3,360.

The Takeout claims a Seattle-based brewery is under fire for creating Crips and Bloods-themed gang beers. Mirage Beer canceled the release of Snitch Blood Beer and Where You From Beer because of public outrage. The cans featured the rival gangs’ bandana designs. Mirage apologized and says they will release the beer with new names.

And finally,

Lincoln, Nebraska police arrested 26-year-old Markel Towner on several outstanding warrants. Police found him sitting in a parked car in a neighborhood. When they questioned Towner, he allegedly gave his name as DeAngelo Towns. Cops knew he was lying about  the name he gave them. Seems he forgot he was wearing a name tag with his real name on it.