The twerking thief!

The twerking thief!

In the basement of Alberta’s Vermilion Heritage Museum, atop a reinforced floor, sits an old safe that had never been opened– until now. A man named Stephen Mills was on vacation with his family, and was taking a tour of the museum recently when the safe caught his eye. He tells the CBC, “I put in 20-40-60, three times left, one time right.” And then the safe opened! There wasn’t anything of real value inside the safe, but experts said it was almost impossible to open. So much for the experts.

Police in Florida are looking for a twerking thief who stopped to put on a show for the surveillance camera before walking out of a clothing store with more than $300 worth of merchandise. Cameras caught the woman and an accomplice swiping clothes off the racks and stuffing them into their bags. And just as they were about to leave, one of them stopped with her backside to the camera and started twerking. (I posted the video on the MAX FB page…and she is WORKING it.)

And finally,

Inside Edition claims 20 year-old Khristopher Chrysanthopoulos, of Oceanport, New Jersey, was driving along with his dad, when his dad asked him about getting a summer job. At that very moment, Khristopher finished scratching off a lottery ticket he had bought…and he won a million dollars. Not only is Khris NOT getting a job for the summer, he’s bringing his family on a vacation.