The fire truck that is a BEER truck!

The fire truck that is a BEER truck!

Kevin Mullan of Toledo, Kansas, bought a retired fire truck — and turned it into a mobile bar. He converted the water tank into a cooler that holds 10 kegs. He also added cabinets and equipment — and designed a logo for the side of the truck, calling it Ladder 419 Beer Truck. So now, he’s got a 10-tap beer-dispensing machine that he rents out for private parties. (The Blade)

Inside Edition claims Joey Henny, of York, Pennsylvania, has an emotional support alligator. He takes Wally everywhere he goes. The 35-pound gator is five feet long and has 83 razor-sharp teeth. Wally enjoys cuddling, watching television and soaking in his own pool. I think we all know how this love story is going end….

And finally,

you can have a great meal made by grandma, even if you don’t have a grandma.Birra Moretti, an Italian beer company, is hosting a free “Deliver-a-Nonna” service where an Italian grandmother (Nonna) will come to your house and cook an amazing three-course meal for you and your friends. The grannies will arrive in Moretti branded cars “packing everything they need to create the most authentic Italian home cooking experience.” Unfortunately, it’s currently only available for residents in the UK, but they hope to expand it! (Insider)

Also, be prepared to get your cheeks pinched.