Storm Loch Ness?

Storm Loch Ness?

Maybe you heard people are planning to storm “Area 51” in Nevada in Sept, to find out for sure if the government is really hiding space aliens. But now, Scotland is doing something similar. A group has organized to storm the Loch Ness Monster. The government in Scotland isn’t too worried because “Storm Loch Ness” doesn’t pose as many problems as “Storm Area 51.” But, as they say, there’s always some risk when you have a bunch of chuckleheads gathered around a body of water. (Complex)

The Mirror claims an expectant mother recently asked her friend to change her dog’s name because she plans to use the same name for her baby daughter. The dog’s owner, Jenny said, “She messages me, telling me she’s pregnant and wants to name her child Tillie, and that she’d appreciate it, if I would  changed the name of my dog (named Tillie,) so her child wouldn’t have the same name as a dog. Yeah, Jenny said, “No.” (So did Tillie.)

And finally,

And finally, The NY Daily News claims the Jennings County, Indiana police recently arrested Joanne Childers for wearing stolen dentures. Her victim called 911 to report that she had stolen her dentures and was wearing them to her probation meeting. Childers’ probation officer told cops that she was wearing dentures that clearly were not hers. Officers went to Childers’ home before charging her with theft. The dentures were returned to her victim.