Watermelon on Pizza? The Internet Explodes!

Watermelon on Pizza? The Internet Explodes!

Who says cats can’t make great pets? A British couple says their cat is responsible for their recent lottery win. Andrew and Paula said they had to pick up food for their six-year-old cat, Shortcake. In the same trip he bought a scratch-off ticket and ended up winning $1.2 million! They treated “Shortcake” to a dinner of ham to celebrate! (What? No Fancy Feast?!)

The NY Post says an inmate recently escaped from a Rowan County, North Carolina jail. Jaylen Ross climbed a fence, where his getaway car was waiting…it was a LYFT car he had called. Cops tracked down the Lyft driver and were able to re-arrest Ross. (I think the tip for Lyft driver who helps you bust out of prison should be pretty generous.)

And finally,

The Daily Mirror says a man, on Reddit, is taking heat for putting watermelon on pizza. The man posted, “I like watermelon on pizza. I was asked to do it on a dare and I really liked it. So I put watermelon on my pizza now. I let it bake until it’s done with a few minutes to spare, then I put the watermelon on then put it in until everything is cooked fully.” The Internet reacted with comments like, “Watermelon? That’s in a new circle of Hell after the pineapple debacle.”