People are Googling, “How to have sex in a car?!”

People are Googling, “How to have sex in a car?!”

About a week ago, competitive eater Michelle Lesco broke the Guinness World Record for the most mayonnaise consumed in three minutes, guzzling three jars of the stuff.

Seems doin’ it in the car will never go out of style. New research reveals that over 6,600 Americans google “how to have sex in a car” every month. (Cosmo)

CNET and Gamespot claim an Xbox body wash and deodorant spray are now on sale. Axe Body Spray developed the products.

And finally,

Scotland police were recently called to an IKEA after thousands of people played a game of hide-and-seek in the store. The game was arranged ahead of time on Facebook.  People were caught hiding in fridges, under beds, and inside shopping bags.  (I know we shouldn’t do that, but now I want to!)