Ewww! Drinking water that’s recycled from toilets!

Ewww! Drinking water that’s recycled from toilets!

Business Insider says Neiman Marcus has released its 2019 Christmas book. Among the items you can purchase from the book are: a $125,000 pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that you design yourself, a $70,000 custom dog house designed by Denise Richards or a a $35,000 Moet and Chandon champagne vending machine! (See it on the MAX Face Book Page.)

Oddity Central claims the Gust’eaux restaurant in Belgium is serving drinking water that’s recycled from its toilets. The restaurant has a new water purification system that uses five steps to turn dirty toilet water into clean drinking water. The process involves plant fertilizer, rain water and a flushing system. (“Yes, I’ll have the bottled water, please?)

And finally,

The Daily Star claims a 19 year-old Houston, Texas woman was recently on Tinder when a potential date messaged her and asked her to be his accomplice in a bank robbery. His message read, “I’m not trying to date you or anything. I’m robbing a bank and need an attractive female to distract an overweight guard that runs the night shift. Clothing will be provided. All you need to do is hold his attention for 15 minutes and 49 seconds. Are you in or out Danielle?” Danielle hasn’t responded yet…cause you know, a girl needs to keep her options open.