The $1,000,000 Parking Spot!

The $1,000,000 Parking Spot!

A Hong Kong businessman set a new record for the city when he sold a coveted possession of his for $969, was a parking spot. Johnny Cheung buys and sells parking spots and makes big profit doing it. It’s right outside a skyscraper which only has about 40 parking spots. The parking space is believed to now be the most expensive in the world, costing more than three times the median cost of a home in Hong Kong.

The NY Post says motorists in Southwest England will be inconvenienced next week when a 41-mile detour is put into effect so construction can take place on a 65-foot section of road. The affected road would normally take two seconds to drive through, but with the detour, it’ll take over an hour. Talk about the seeds of road rage!

And finally,

If you’re supposed to host Thanksgiving at your house…and you just don;t have the energy to put it all together….Delish magazine says Aldi is going to sell a Thanksgiving ravioli. Each ravioli is packed with turkey, cranberries, stuffing and cheese. A package of Turkey Cranberry Ravioli costs $2.99. The magazine says it’s over 1,000 times easier to prepare the ravioli than an entire Thanksgiving meal. And it’ll most likely be the last time someone asks you to host. So, yeah!