Personal De-forestation, will Benefit RE-forestation!

Do you sleep on your stomach? You probably have more sex dreams than other types of sleepers. Yes, research has found that stomach sleepers were more likely to have erotic dreams or dreams about being naked. (Mind Body Green)

A philosopher in Poland has studied the relationship we have with machines and has concluded that humans will one day fall in love and marry robots. He points out that people already have emotional attachments to objects like their cars, robot vacuum cleaners and other non-human objects, giving them names and the characteristics of actual living beings. So, the next step is love and marriage. (Daily Express) (I always thought Rosie the robot from the Jetsons was hot…and she’ll clean up after me.)

And finally,

The Daily Mirror claims women are being encouraged to let their body hair grow during the month of January. Laura Jackson started the ‘Januhairy’ campaign¬† last year as a way to get women to embrace their natural bodies while raising money for charity. She said, Januhairy 2020 will support “Tree Sisters in protecting, restoring and funding reforestation.” ¬†So it’s ironic, that PERSONAL Deforestation, will benefit RE-forestation.