I’m Not Touching Your Armpits.

I’m Not Touching Your Armpits.

A young woman once dumped by her fiancé for being too fat, has gotten the ultimate revenge, by being crowned Britain’s most beautiful woman! Jen Atkin shed 112 pounds, going from 247 pounds to 131 pounds in two years, to bag herself the title of Miss Great Britain. She said, “I honestly can’t believe it. Winning Miss Great Britain marks the end of a long and difficult, but also amazing, journey.” See her on the MAX FB page.

Brobible says the coronavirus prompted the Center for Disease Control to release an info-graphic that shows which type of male facial hair is not protected by masks. Stubble, a full beard, a circle beard, an extended goatee, mutton chops, a Fu Manchu, an English mustache and a Dali mustache all make masks ineffective.

And finally,

Oddity Central claims an 83-year-old woman from the Ukraine recently woke up 10 hours…after being pronounced dead! The woman’s family was completely shocked when she began showing signs of life after they started making funeral preparations. Her “death” had been confirmed by both doctors and police officers. Experts are baffled by the sudden return of her vital signs. The woman’s daughter says, “We touched her forehead, and it was warm, so were her armpits, so we knew she was alive. Armpits?

(I’m sorry, if it came down to me touching your armpits to see if your alive…

enjoy your eternal journey.)