Dummies in the Restaurant, Literally!

Dummies in the Restaurant, Literally!

Just because you have a phone doesn’t mean you’re a good photographer – especially when it comes to the art of wildlife photos. That’s what makes the Facebook group Crap Wildlife Photography so great – and funny. It’s an entire page dedicated to bad wildlife photos. Some of the photos are actually taken by skilled photographers, but the wildlife and nature just didn’t cooperate. There are rules, like wildlife photos only and Photos must be crappy, original and yours. Pictures deemed too good will be mocked. (Insider)

An Arkansas woman had a really bad hair day — which included being hauled off to jail for using a bag of meth as a bow to hold together her hairdo. Jessica Kropp was initially pulled over for driving with expired tags. When the cop was questioning her, he noticed that her hair was tied into a ponytail with a small baggie that appeared to contain crystal meth. Jessica tried to play dumb, telling the deputy, “Someone else put that there and I didn’t know what it was.” Yeah, she was arrested.

And finally,

The Drinks Business website says the Inn at Little Washington Restaurant, in Washington DC, is using mannequins to practice safe social distancing. When the restaurant reopens, they plan to have mannequins dining at every other table in order to make the restaurant appear crowded. Humans will occupy the other tables. The life size mannequins are dressed in costumes and servers have been told to interact with the mannequins like they are real humans. (Whatya mean the soup is cold! Get a life…or come to life!)