Fingernails That Smell Like Snacks!

Fingernails That Smell Like Snacks!

Bebe Rexha is spicing up your manicure. The pop singer has a new line of nail polishes called, “Salty & Sweet.” They look — and even smell — like snack foods including tacos, donuts, pizza, chocolate cake, cheese puffs and cookies and cream. The full collection of all six shades initially retailed for $14.29 at Walmart, but is currently — shockingly — sold out. It’ll make biting your nails so much more…delicious.

The Daily Mirror says Brazil’s president was recently conducting a Zoom video conference call with business advisors when one advisor thought he turned his camera off before stripping naked and walking around his bathroom. The naked guy ALSO turned off his sound so he had no way to know the other advisers were trying to tell him to turn off his camera. The feed was eventually cut.

And finally,

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, a gentlemen’s  club called The Den is once again open for business. But, they also intend to keep the customers safe. The dancers all wore masks — and did their best to stay six feet away from customers. They celebrated the reopening with an event called, the “masks on, clothes off” party! (Yahoo)