Beer Catapult!

Beer Catapult!

In Manchester, Missouri, a grocery store recognized that their self-serve salad bar wasn’t an option anymore, so they got rid of the lettuce — and reloaded the stainless steel pans with mini bottles of booze and craft beer. The sign used to read “salad bar.” Now, the word “salad” has been crossed out. (NBC News)

Mashable claims two neighbors in Walla Walla, Washington recently built a beer catapult. The two built the wooden catapult so they could share beers while social distancing. The catapult shoots beer cans from one yard to the next.

And finally,

Over 20 members of a Bolivian pan flute orchestra, have been stuck at Rheins-berg Palace, a 15th century castle, outside Berlin for two months. The group arrived in Germany on March 10 expecting to perform at a festival, but, they got locked down at the 600 acres estate. Now this sounds pretty cool, however…the estate is surrounded by 23 packs of wolves and is haunted by the ghost of Frederick the Great. To pass the time, the group practices up to six hours a day and takes walks..very careful walks.