The Pilots Forgot To Call To Ask If The Airport Was Open!

The Pilots Forgot To Call To Ask If The Airport Was Open!

Burger King in Italy is offering a unique and humorous way to encourage social distancing – with a new “social distancing Whopper.” It’s a regular Whopper, but contains three times the amount of raw onions … guaranteed to keep people at least six feet away from you. (Fox News)

Newser says a Eurowings flight from Germany to Italy recently had to turn around because the airport in Italy was closed due to the coronavirus. The Eurowings flight was approaching the runway when Italian air traffic controllers told the pilots that the airport was closed. The pilots turned around and returned to Dusseldorf. They forgot to call and ask if the airport was open

And finally,

In France, two 10-year-old kids built a fort outside their home. They used branches and leaves and bed sheets — and discovered two bars of pure gold, worth more than $100,000. It seems the family’s grandmother purchased the gold bars back in 1967 and wrapped them up in the bed sheets. And after that, the gold bars were forgotten. So when the kids unfolded those old sheets, they hit the jackpot for the family. So, kids, rip all the beds apart today! You might strike it rich! (BBC)