Brought His Kid To Work…Robbing A Store!

Brought His Kid To Work…Robbing A Store!

-The world’s largest pizza box collection belongs to Scott Weiner of Brooklyn, New York. He currently has more than 1,500 boxes — and his collection continues to grow as people keep sending him more. And, none of his boxes are stained with cheese grease. Each and every one of them is in mint condition. (Atlas Obscura)

What large shoes you have … A shoemaker in Romania is making shoes in a European size 75 … to encourage social distancing. Grigore Lup designed the long-nosed shoes after noticing people weren’t staying far enough apart. Lup says when two people are wearing the shoes and facing each other, there will be roughly  5 feet of distance between them. The shoes start at $115 a pair – and go up depending how long you want them. (Insider)

And finally,

The San Francisco Chronicle says a man was recently busted in Germany after he robbed a supermarket, but left his son at the scene of the crime. The suspect triggered the store’s alarm after he ran away with five dollars worth of stolen goods. Authorities had no trouble identifying him after he left his eight-year-old son behind. (Who knew that even knew criminals observed, “Take Your Kid to Work day?”)