No Selfies With The People-Eating Bears!

No Selfies With The People-Eating Bears!

Available singles have long used dating apps like Hinge or Tinder for casual hookups, and over the past few months have they been adding something to their dating profiles that have become extremely important…and that is, the results of their VIRUS tests! And while you don’t really know if the app users are telling the truth…virus test results are now becoming one of the most important part of your profile.

Since the virus outbreak, a Brooklyn woman has adopted the “freegan” lifestyle — aka dumpster diving. She dind;t want to reveal her name, but on a weekly basis, she visits a local upscale grocery store near closing time and searches the dumpster. As a freelance journalist, babysitter, personal chef and overall minimalist, she’s mastered the art of salvaging products like fruits, vegetables, day-old bread and “expired” cereal. She says her dives save her an average of $50 a week. (Insider)

And finally,

From the “how incredibly stupid can some people be” file…The Winslow Township Police Department in New Jersey took to Facebook to alert residents of two bear sightings, and to warn them against attempting to take a photo with the animals! They wrote, in part, “Please do not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to take selfies with the bear!” Which of course means, someone tried to do it.