Wrong Undies!

Wrong Undies!

A woman in Missouri ordered her boyfriend a personalized pair of boxers with her face on them. But when Mya Dunham opened the package, another woman’s face was on the briefs. After putting her story on Tic Tok, Mya connected with a woman in California named Vicky, whose face was on the boxers – and who had been sent a pair of boxers with Mya’s face on them. Now that they have found each other, the boxers will be reunited with their rightful owners. (BuzzFeed)

KETV says the Lincoln, Nebraska police recently arrested Justin Morris after they found him passed out on the front lawn of a home. He was lying next to a flat screen TV…and had a package of bacon in his pants. A woman called the police to report that a TV AND BACON had been taken from her home. Morris was charged with burglary and taken to jail.

And finally,

The NY Post says a company called Medical Detection Dogs is training pups on how to sniff out the coronavirus. Researcher James Logan is quoted as saying, “It builds upon years of research that we’ve already done where dogs can detect people who have malaria. If this works, these dogs can screen as many as 250 people per hour at a location like an airport…that is until someone has a Snausage n his pocket, then the whole thing falls apart.