Mr Potato Head Is Taking Over The World!

Mr Potato Head Is Taking Over The World!

Cops were called in Brooklyn early Monday morning to pursue an unusual fugitive — a peacock which had escaped from a zoo and was running thru traffic. Officers got to the colorful bird quickly and surrounded it, where it eventually vaulted over a fence and back into the zoo. It’s not clear how long the bird had been out of the zoo, which has been closed since March.Some are speculating it was a marketing ploy by NBC. (AM NY)

ABC says a Florida woman’s pregnancy was recently captured on a Ring doorbell camera. Susan Anderson was on her way to a birthing center when she went into labor in the parking lot. She said by the time we got to the first step, the baby was coming!” The Ring video clip of the entire event was later shared online with Susan’s permission. Did I post it? No…because couldn’t watch the film in high school health class either.

And finally,

Customers at the Canadian Tire Store in Lindsay left empty handed this morning. Kawartha 411 News has learned that every item scanned yesterday morning was coming up as “Mr Potato Head” and could not be changed. No sales were being made and customers were forced to leave empty handed. The glitch affected five stores. They have since fixed the problem. (I’m hoping tomorrow, everything comes up as Barbie’s Country Camper.)