Your Christmas Tree Might Be Hammered!

Your Christmas Tree Might Be Hammered!

The Independent Newspaper says Guinness is using their leftover beer to fertilize Christmas trees. Many pubs around the world cancelled their keg orders because of the coronavirus. Instead of allowing their beer to go bad, Guinness is using it to fertilize Christmas trees as part of a forestry project. So this year, your tree will be fresh AND foamy this Christmas!

ABC says the Beverly Hills Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills have purchased three coronavirus fighting robots to keep guests safe. The robots wheel into a room and shoot it with a UV-C light. The light enters the coronavirus’ DNA and confuses it so it can’t replicate. So when you hear, “housekeeping” at your door, it’ll be R2D2.

And finally,

Insider magazine says a couple from St George, Utah recently got married while dangling from a cliff. Krystalee Krey and Seth Bowles had to change their wedding plans due to the coronavirus. Instead of marrying in Hawaii, they exchanged vows while hanging from a cliff at Turtle Wall. Which, according to my wife, feels just like being married to me.