Ozzy Fans are Disagreeable!

Ozzy Fans are Disagreeable!

NBC says a Bowie, Maryland sanitation worker was recently accepted to Harvard Law School. Rehan Stanton has been hauling trash and cleaning dumpsters to help his family since he was young. He often collected trash in the morning before attending classes at the University of Maryland. Rehan’s hard work resulted in him delivering the commencement speech at his graduation.

A publication called, “Eater Chicago,”  says a Chicago sushi restaurant, called Kyoten, is charging $600 for a dinner for two. The restaurant only has one seating per night so customers won’t have to worry about being exposed to a dining room full of possible coronavirus spreaders. (It also means if you leave a bad tip…they’ll know it’s you.)

And finally,

A new survey by Bar-Ilan University reveals that most people prefer listening to musicians, who have similar personalities to themselves. Some examples:

– Carrie Underwood fans are “agreeable”

– David Bowie fans tend to be “neurotic”

and  Ozzy Osbourne fans are generally…”disagreeable!”