The Restaurant in the Middle of the Forrest!

The Restaurant in the Middle of the Forrest!

Mandatory magazine says a Stockholm, Sweden restaurant, called the “Nowhere Restaurant,” has opened a location in the forest. Tables are staggered so far apart that diners cannot see one another in the wilderness. The restaurant will remain open for the rest of the Summer

A Kalamazoo, Michigan man is going to ride his lawnmower across America. Andrej Sensnovis is a contestant on the TV show ”The Great Grass Race”. Riders will race from LA to New York on Craftsman lawn mowers. The ride will take three months because the mowers don’t travel faster than 5.5 mph. I’m thinking left lane on some Friday on the LIE with Hamptons traffic! Awesome! (

And finally,

The Daily Mail says a dog from Newcastle, England recently swallowed 26 golf balls. Neil Taylor says his dog, Alfie, ate the balls while walking through a golf course. He rushed him to the vet where the balls were surgically removed. The doctor also found a ball of string, wood and rubber gloves in Alfie’s stomach. They also found Lori Laughlin’s career…sorry, too mean? Too soon? Sorry.