Stop Wearing Deodorant To Stay Safe?!

Stop Wearing Deodorant To Stay Safe?!

A guy in Japan has earned the first-ever master’s degree in Ninja Studies. 45-year-old Genichi Mitsuhashi earned the degree by learning basic martial arts and how to climb mountains in silence. He actually moved into the mountains to better understand how the ninjas lived. (International Business Times)

WOIO says Superman recently robbed a Willoughby, Ohio Walgreens of cash and cigarettes. A man wearing a coronavirus mask, a Superman hoodie and blue pajama bottoms walked into the store, indicated he had a gun, and made off with Marlboro Lights and some cash. Police have released surveillance video of Superman in hopes someone will recognize him. The manager of the Walgreens said, “I guess we need to stock more kryptonite.”

And finally,

Public transportation officials in Berlin have issued a recommendation for riders to stop wearing deodorant and let their natural odors waft through the shared air — so that others will fully cover their mouths and noses with masks. Similar to a no-smoking sign, a sign shows a red circle and a slash over a person spraying deodorant into their right armpit. Our subway system doesn’t need a sign like that…many New Yorkers have been way ahead of that curve for years!