Swimming In The Sewer?! Ewwww!

Swimming In The Sewer?! Ewwww!

The Daily Mail says Florida lawyers are now wearing hazmat suits to court because coronavirus cases are spiking. Samuel J Rabin Jr recently wore a 3M hazmat suit, gloves, a face mask, and a face shield to a sentencing hearing in Miami. The judge was not mad at Samuel. In fact, the judge said, “It would have been a nice touch, if he had worn a tie that went along with his hazmat suit.”

Talk about bad karma crashing into you, literally speaking. The Newberg-Dundee, Oregon police were chasing Randy Cooper, in a Ranger Rover he had just stolen,  when he crashed into a Buick Regal, driven by Kristen Begue, who had also just stolen THAT car. Both drivers were arrested and charged with theft.

And finally,

Think you’re having a bad day? Well, it could be worse…you could be Nathalia Bruno. She’s a Doordash driver and was attempting to drive through flood waters when her Jeep started to float away. She jumped out, but was sucked into a storm drain. She went through the sewer system before being deposited into the Passaic River. She was able to swim to shore. Word is, coming out of the river, people were more than happy to practice social distancing with her.