A Facial For Your Bootie!

A Facial For Your Bootie!

The NY Post says a skincare studio in New York City is offering facials for your butt! Sofie Pavitt tells the paper that her 45-minute deriere treatment costs $159 and includes an exfoliation, a scrub, pimple extractions and a moisturizing mask. She promises to tighten up the skin, make everything firm, hydrated and smoother. “It’s a facial for your booty.” So, perhaps you should start entering rooms, “butt first.”

If you play the lottery regularly, you’re going to LOVE this…The Daily Mail says a woman from Sydney, Australia, who wishes to remain anonymous, won a $50 million Lottery jackpot on Tuesday…after buying her FIRST-EVER lottery ticket. She has no plans to stop working.

And finally,

The Wall Street Journal says theme parks throughout the world are banning screaming on roller coasters and other rides because of the coronavirus. Some riders are also being asked to wear masks in order to stop the spread of covid-19. Disney World in Florida has no rules about screaming, although Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan forbid it. (I have never screamed on a roller coaster, I was too busy holding my wife’s purse on the ground right by the exit.)