No More Birthday Candles?!

No More Birthday Candles?!

The Verge says fashion designer Chelsea Klukas has created a coronavirus mask with an LED screen. The Matrix screen is controlled by an app. People can display custom text and drawings. A battery and charging cord are included with the LED mask. Most people are posting social distancing messages on the mask like ‘Stand Back’ and ‘ 6 Feet’. This will also let you sell your face for advertising space!

Australian identical twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque do everything together…and I mean EVERYTHING! That includes showering together, sleeping together, going to the bathroom together…and now, they share the same boyfriend, Ben. They both kissed him on their first date, and now they both plan to become pregnant…from Ben. Can you imagine if one gets pregnant and the other doesn’t? That’ll be the end of Ben.

And finally,

In the wake of the coronavirus, you’ve probably blown out your last birthday candles. Blowing out candles is equivalent to spitting all over cake. A medical study showed that “blowing out the candles over the icing surface, resulted in 1400 percent more bacteria.”  A historian said that The original idea of blowing out the candles, was that when you blew out the candle the smoke would carry your wish up to the gods.” Now, you’ll just have to text the gods to be safe. (The Washington Post)