“Toe Lickin’ Good!”

“Toe Lickin’ Good!”

WIVB says the Niagara Falls, New York police are blaming a spider for a car crash yesterday. Neysia McCarthy was driving through a parking lot when a spider fell on her. The 19 year-old panicked and hit her gas pedal before crashing into two boats at the LaSalle Yacht Club. The boats suffered extensive damage. McCarthy was ok, the spider is still wanted for questioning.

Oddity Central says a 14 year-old from Indonesia went viral yesterday because she has six giant pythons as pets. Chalwa Ismah Kamal has been taking care of the snakes since she was four years-old. She and her brother sleep with the snakes and often lay on them without a care in the world

And finally,

Those new KFC Crocs sold out in 30 minutes yesterday. We mentioned this on Monday…the clogs have a red and white sole with an image of KFC chicken on the front and top. There is a chicken wing pin, that smells like chicken, on the top of the Croc. They sold out, in 30 minutes! Meanwhile, KFC is thikning of changing their slogan to, “It’s toe lickin’ good.”