A Fist Fight…Over Social Distancing!!

A Fist Fight…Over Social Distancing!!

Talk about money laundering! The NY Post says a man from South Korea recently placed about 20 grand in a washing machine. He washed the cash because he thought it had coronavirus germs. The man then contacted his bank to see if he could exchange his washed bills for new ones. The bank was able to replace some of the money, but not all because it was damaged.

CNN says the state of Rhode Island recently issued 176 tax refund checks that were signed by Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse instead of the state treasurer and controller. Their Division of Taxation says a “technical glitch” caused the misprint. The checks have been voided and new checks have been sent. It’s a shame, because I believe Disney Bucks are worth more then US Currency.

And finally,

The Gazette says two women from Colorado Springs, Colorado recently brawled at a local Walmart. One of the women complained that the other was not social distancing and staying six feet away. Their argument escalated into an altercation. One of the women was thrown to the floor. They argued about being too close, then sealed the argument with a fist fight.