Delicious Chicken Nuggets…Made From A Printer!

Delicious Chicken Nuggets…Made From A Printer!

Since today is underwear day, The NY Post says a company called Menagerie is selling lingerie for men. Their line includes silk boxers, lacy pajamas and other silky underwear. Low-rise briefs sell for $69 while lacy biker shorts go for $89. Most of the underwear is sold out.

KFC scientists are developing a new type of chicken nugget that is made with a 3D bioprinter. The printer uses tissue, organs and blood vessels to create the nugget. Plant materials and chicken cells are also used to create the meat. KFC says bioprinting chicken would be cheaper than using real meat. (Wonderful Engineering)

And finally,

Lee Price III, of Houston, was recently arrested for spending coronavirus relief money on a Lamborghini, a Rolex and exotic dancers. He received a Paycheck Protection Program loan for $1.6 million before spending it.He spent thousands at Houston strip clubs. Obviously, the check that was supposed to be stimulating his business, was…stimulating his business.