This Makes Sex Better For Women!

This Makes Sex Better For Women!

The Northwest Indiana Times says the Portage, Indiana police recently arrested Colton Morris for driving 109 mph in a 45 mph speed zone. He told cops he was speeding because his girlfriend was sick and needed food. His ‘girlfriend’ told cops that she was not his partner and that they were on a Tinder date that started 15 minutes earlier at a hotel. Morris was charged with criminal recklessness with a vehicle, false informing and reckless driving.

Candles can be very romantic, but..

Albert Ndreu of England went all-out to surprise his girlfriend, Valerija, with his marriage proposal, filling their apartment’s living room with 100 tea light candles and 60 balloons. He even spelled out “Marry me?” with the candles, there was even wine and a romantic playlist. He left the apartment to go pick her up and when he returned, his place was fully engulfed in flames. As the firepeople battled the blaze, he got down on one knee (among the water and sirens,) and proposed anyway…she said yes…but please, no more candles.

And finally,

A study from the journal Sexual Medicine found that frequent cannabis use was linked with higher arousal, and more sexual satisfaction for women.  The authors said, ” Our results demonstrate that increasing frequency of cannabis use is associated with improved sexual function and is associated with increased satisfaction and sexual desire. I’m hoping my wife’s love of “brownies” will help me out here.