Solves Rubik’s Cube, While On A Pogo Stick!

Solves Rubik’s Cube, While On A Pogo Stick!

In Boulder, Colorado, 14-year-old Evan Blecher has set a new speed record for the Rubik’s Cube, finishing the puzzle in 16.7 seconds … on a pogo stick.  And now, he’s using his amazing skills to help others. Evan created a free program to help people solve the Rubik’s Cube in under three minutes — and is using that program to help raise money to help families who have been hit hard by the coronavirus. (KCNC-TV)

Mark Gray recently broke into a Sioux City, Iowa bank to steal from it! The 39 year-old smashed the bank’s glass doors before entering the lobby. BUT, he didn’t steal any money, he stole…hand sanitizer. Cops did catch him and he was charged with third-degree burglary. Word is, he did cops exceptional clean finger prints. (KSN)

And finally,

Brobible says Sleep Standards is offering couples $3,000 to make love on a variety of their mattresses. They posted, “We’re looking for 5 lucky couples that can take part in our experiment. We’ll send you a new mattress every week and all you have to do is give us your honest reviews on how good that mattress is for sex. The job is for 8 weeks. Which to me, is 7 and a half weeks too long.