The Boar and the Naked Guy!

The Boar and the Naked Guy!

The BBC says a man was recently sunbathing naked at a nudist park in Germany when a wild boar walked up and stole his laptop bag. The boar took off running as the naked man chased him. Other nudists laughed and shot video of the man trying to capture the pig. Word is, the boar used the laptop to create a profile on…and he’s gotten several hits.

The Ukrainian police recently arrested a mother for attempting to sneak her son out of jail. The 51 year-old dug a 35-foot tunnel from her rented home to the prison. She used shovels and pickaxes at night. A neighbor busted the mother and called the police. She was arrested and taken to the same jail as her son. (Dunya News)

And finally,

A thief in a coronavirus mask recently stole Cialis and Viagra from a Saskatoon, Canada pharmacy. The suspect entered the drug store, flashed a gun, and demanded the drugs. The pharmacy staff complied before calling the police. Cops are now sure how much Viagra he got away with. I’d give you the cops description of the culprit, but the kids might be listening. (CKOM)