His Belly Saved His Life!

His Belly Saved His Life!

An overweight Chinese man’s belly perhaps saved his life!  The 28-year-old man got trapped in his family’s well after breaking through wood that had been used to cover it, but he only went half-way down! A team of firefighters used a rope to pull him from safety. One firefighter said, had he been thinner, he would have fallen ALL the way down the well.

In Australia, unsold beer isn’t going to waste. Instead, scientists there figured out how to turn it into renewable energy. They’re actually using the stale beer to power a water treatment plant. The beer ends up being an ingredient used to produce biogas — which is then turned into electricity to power the whole facility. The most shocking part of that story is, that there actually IS UNSOLD beer in Australia! (WSMV-TV)

And finally,

A Florida man spent two weeks living it up in a stadium’s luxury suite before getting caught. Local news reports say Daniel Alberta Neja helped himself to food, drinks and merchandise at the Al Lang Stadium, which is home to the Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer team. According to an arrest report, he stole over $1,000 worth of clothing and consumed about $250 in drinks before getting caught by the cleaning crew. The ironic part, he doesn’t even like soccer.