The Fanny Pack That Wasn’t Covering His Fanny!

The Fanny Pack That Wasn’t Covering His Fanny!

Like to go to the beach, but don’t wanna lug all your stuff there? Well, there’s a company that will set up a picture-perfect beach picnic for you. Bliss Beach will create the Insta-perfect beach day for you – with pillows, lounge chairs, a table, umbrella, cooler…everything you need for ultimate relaxation. No more dragging all your stuff to the sand – just show up and it’s all there. (Travel & Leisure)

Some people have no problem letting everything hang out. A man has been caught on camera taking a naked jog through the picturesque area of North Staffordshire, England. A wildlife photographer snapped the man’s photo. Apparently, he’s taken several nude runs in the same area. He does wear two things, sneakers, and a fanny pack. Well, where else would he keep his keys? (The

And finally,

The Union newspaper says a Nevada County, California census worker was recently collecting information when a local resident opened his door and gave them…a noogie! The census worker reported the incident to the police. No charges were filed. The dictionary defines a noogie as ‘the act of rubbing one’s knuckles on a person’s head so as to produce a mildly painful sensation.” (Yes, “noogie” is n the dictionary..but is purple nurple in the dictionary?!)